‘We do what we dream’ is a mission Statement of This Enactus India Team

‘We do what we dream’ is a mission Statement of This Enactus India Team

A true entrepreneur isn’t just a ‘dreamer’, but a ‘doer’ as well. Enactus Maitreyi, within 2 years of its inception is growing into a platform of social transformation that aims to achieve a holistic development of some of the disadvantaged sections of society and help them attain a sustainable livelihood through various activities and social entrepreneurial projects.

It came into existence in 2014, with the launch of Project Unnayan in association with Love Care Foundation .Keeping in mind the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal’s Gender Equality Clause, Enactus Maitreyi works to promote Gender Equality amongst the rural population.

Adhering to the purpose of the word ‘Unnayan’ which means upliftment -the project works towards the process of improving the living conditions of women living in the socially backward areas in Mayur Vihar by training and  equipping them with the knowledge of making, selling and marketing the dishwashing liquid-Clean Ninja.


In addition to being taught the proper techniques for the smooth production of the dishwashing products, these beloved ‘aunties’ are also taught the significance of sanitary measures like using gloves and masks during production for proper maintenance of hygiene and safety. In a nutshell-the members of Enactus Maitreyi do everything in their power to help these women become strong, self-sufficient and self-reliant in life.

After the success of Project Unnayan, Enactus Maitreyi proudly started its second undertaking- Project Swadhin. ’Swadhin’ means ‘to be independent’. The beneficiaries, who belong to physically or intellectually handicapped sections of the society, are trained to make registers using chlorine free paper and diaries using recycled paper. The registers are mainly of two themes-the famous American TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Travel, keeping in mind the kind of appeal they hold among the youth. The diaries, are block printed and the beneficiaries are given training for the same. They are also taught to punch and bind the registers and diaries and given marketing expertise.

The basic objective of Project Swadhin is to make the physically handicapped beneficiaries self- reliant and confident in life by turning them into entrepreneurs so that they don’t feel like a burden on anyone in life.

Members of Enactus Maitreyi believe that almost everyone dreams and wants to make a change in society but only a few are able to translate those dreams into reality. They are proud to be a small but significant part of that positive change with their ongoing projects.