India an Emerging Super Power – Is it really Happening?

India an Emerging Super Power – Is it really Happening?

“Moving from greed economy to green economy, India is gradually taking over as a superpower, holding a niche of its own in the global development.”

India, other than its praised democratic culture is widely known for its self sustainability. With the passing years, India has fought against the ravages of time and upheld its identity as an independent, self-reliant nation.  It is a land possessed with diversity in terms of cultures, people and ethnicity. India is not just a nation, but a dream-a vision of countless souls aspiring to belong to a strong, self-reliant, powerful and developed nation.

In its course to emerge as a superpower, India has undergone various reforms and revolutions.  Today, we can proudly say “From being a borrower, India paced towards become a lender.” In 2010, India’s  growth rate could outstrip China’s, according to Asia Week and prove more sustainable. From as away as  Silicon Valley to home base Bangalore, Indians are demanded in global software development. Indians, as migrants, are also serving the foreign nations with their varied expertise. India has also made stupendous progress in the entertainment industry. There is mounting support and measures taken in for India to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.  India strongly contended for holding the 2010 Commonwealth Games and won the bid in the face of a strong contender like Canada. Talking about its economy, International Monetary Fund and World Bank appreciated India’s annual growth rate of 6-7 percent though there is a scope for further improvement. In fact, our country is among the top ten hottest destinations for foreign investors. Our universities and educational institutions have earned international acclaim within a short span of their inception. We are in a setting of challenging the world power through brainpower and mind power nurtured in our schools and universities. Science and Technology is racing ahead, discovering new avenues.

Implementations and improvisations are being carried out day-by-day, improving the living standards and finding solutions for problems, which were never thought to emerge in the near future.

India altogether has emerged as a superpower in face of competition with other countries. With factual details and stats as evidence, the nation has made its own place with its increasing efforts to make a developing country into a developed one. Whatever the field, spiritual or materialistic, India and Indians can set the farthest goals and reach them if they are propelled by strong will power and faith in themselves.

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