Enactus IIT-Delhi and Enactus Ramjas

Enactus IIT-Delhi and Enactus Ramjas

We, at Enactus India, are all geared up for the Nationals, but how prepared are our participants?
Well, we got a chance to find out what some of our brilliant Enactus societies are upto!

Recently we got a chance to talk to two of the societies I.e. Enactus IIT-Delhi and Enactus Ramjas

We got to interact with Abhishek Aggarwal, Project head of Project Nirmalya, Enactus IIT-Delhi, the proud team which represented India in last year’s Enactus World Cup.
We bring to you, some excerpts from the chat..

Q: What is the target audience of the project and how has it been transformed?

A: We initially targeted ragpickers for Project Nirmalya and worked to improve their lives but soon after realised that unless we educate the residents and change their mindsets about the importance of segregation of waste, we cannot help the ragpickers. Thus now we target both the residents and the ragpickers.

Q: How are the preparations going on ?

A: The preparations are going great. Everyone in our team has worked very hard on projects, especially in the summer vacations. Both of our projects are relatively new but the amount of work that has been done is significant. Staying awake whole night working and then going to field visits in daytime is hard but I believe all of this hard work, us being out of our comfort zones is definitely worth it.

Q: Can you tell us more about your Target Group?

A: We got to know the story of Rajkumar bhaiya, the waste collector in one of the societies we are working in, and it really touched us.

We asked him the story of his life, to which he replied that he used to study in his village in Uttar Pradesh until class 6th. At that time his father lost his job and they had to shift to Delhi with the entire family. He started collecting waste at the mere age of 14.
Looking at his hurt hands, he said that he always try to segregate the waste that could be sold off. While hand picking the waste, he is subjected to chemical posions and infections. But the responsibility of helping his little brother and sister with their studies drives him to continue working.

Q: If you could take away one thing from your Enactus journey, what would it be ?

A: It will be how to work in team.

Q: Name your favourite memory of Nationals 2015.

A: When the team which came second was announced. It is the time when all of it, all the field visits, all the sleepless nights, everything rushes in your mind and you realise your team has won and is going to represent India in the Worldcup. Undoubtedly, it is one of the my favourite memories.

And here is what Sampurna Biswas, Associate of Social Media from Enactus Ramjas had to say..

Q: Tell us more about your project and how is it benefitting the target group?

A:  The Project TransCreations deal with the Transgender community where we seek to socially and financially uplift them through pulling the strings of stability in their lives. We seek to empower and make them entrepreneurs. Through our efforts we are assisting them to reach a respectable pedestal from the shackles of rigid societal norms and produce a sustainable enterprise of the community. Our project aims to optimize the creative brilliance of the community members in the process jewellery making which reeks of exclusivity in designs. By purchasing the products, you are providing them with an opportunity of claiming their stakes in the society. In the initiative, not only we are giving them a new lease on life but have sought to instill a change in the mindset of people regarding the entrenched stereotypes of the Transgender community that are deep-seated in the society

Q: How are the preparations for Nationals going on?

A: The preparations are in  full swing. It is that time of the year when all the working departments and projects of Enactus Ramjas come together to gather the fruits bore by each of them and create a layout to present in the nationals about what and how we have worked in our Enactus journey. The environment of working hard collectively with an aspiration to showcase the perfect representation of hard work, determination, experiences and hardships of the community and Enactus members restore a feeling that doesn’t match to any.

Q: If you could take away one thing from your Enactus journey, what would it be ?

A: A journey is marked by instances of success and failure. In all honesty, there isn’t anything in the Enactus journey that I wouldn’t want to take away. The successes instilled a hope within and enticed us to give in all we have to work for a better cause. The failures taught us that if there is a will, there is a way. We have faced innumerable hardships and gripping shocks but then, that has united our team even more to fight against the rigid norms of the society for the betterment of the community involved in our initiatives. Every aspect of the journey and every opportunity seized has changed our perspectives regarding any situation we had faced and elevated us to be a better person in our own lives. It has been a helluva ride, a ride which can’t be put in words. It won’t be justice to the experience we shared among us if we negate some aspects from it.